Ep. 45 - Mental Health Awareness with the Naked Professor

May 18, 2018

Episode 45 - The 3 Dumbbells is now live!!!

Mental Health Awareness 

We are delighted to welcome back Ben, aka. The Naked Professor. Having been on the podcast already (Ep. 22) and having opened our eyes to the importance of mental health and mindfulness we felt it was only right to get him back on with it being Mental Health Awareness Week. 

We discuss what ‘mental health’ actually means. How do we know when someone is depressed, anxious or mentally unstable? As an outsider what’s the best thing you can do to help someone who is not in a good state of mind? Have any of us suffered from anxiety/depression? 

Why are guys not so good at opening up and talking about it compared to girls? 

Why do we feel it’s so important that it is spoken about more and become less of a taboo subject? 

All this and more in this mind blowingly good episode. Not one to miss! 



Ep. 44 - The biggest secret to FAT LOSS that NO ONE is telling you about!!!

May 11, 2018

Episode 44 - The 3 Dumbbells is now live!!!

How to be NEAT and tidy! 

In this episode we discuss one of the easiest and most simple ways of increasing your energy expenditure throughout the day - move more!

What does NEAT stand for and what is it? - Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis is quite simply the energy expended outside of sleeping, eating or sports-like activities. 

We, as a nation do NOT move enough and have become very sedentary leading to all sorts of problems such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, chronic back pain... just to name a few. By simply moving more whenever we get the opportunity we can decrease the likelihood of these problems later on in life. We give you some top tips on how to INCREASE YOUR NEAT!!!

We discuss all the above and more in this thrilling episode (even if we do say so ourselves 💁🏻‍♂💁🏻‍♂💁🏻‍♂)

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Ep. 43 - The Best Way to Learn & Training as ONE with UN1T

May 4, 2018

Episode 43 - The 3 Dumbbells is now live!!!

We were incredibly lucky to be asked to speak at Un1t, Fulham last weekend for their Festival of Fitness. It was our first live talk in front of an audience and it was such a great experience. Hopefully the first of many!

We recorded a live episode but have re-recorded it and made it a lot more bearable to listen to.

“Just tell us what to expect god dammit”

Ok ok.... so in this awesome episode we discuss:

- Why we started the podcast and why we think you should all listen to podcasts... not just ours!

- The benefits of group training and why Un1t is so successful.

- How the fitness industry has changed and why we feel it is moving in the right direction.

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Ep. 42 - Digital Fitness: The future or a fad??

April 27, 2018

Episode 42 - The 3 Dumbbells is now live!!!

Digital fitness - The future or just a fad?

We thought we would delve into the technology side of the industry in today’s episode, looking at the pros and cons of being both a consumer and a producer of online training.

Is the industry moving towards more online training and if so is it the right way to go?

Will anything ever beat that physical face to face time you have with a client?

Is online training the most cost effective way of achieving your goals and living a healthy and prosperous lifestyle?

We cover all the above and lots more in this very current and relatable topic.



Ep. 41 - Trying not to wet ourselves with BEN COOMBER!

April 20, 2018

The 3 Dumbbells - Episode 41 is now live!!!

We are super excited to have the one and only Ben Coomber on the show this week! 

Someone who we all have looked up to over the past couple of years and one of the first people we ever listened to on a podcast. Ben is a performance nutritionist, educator, speaker and writer. He heads up the UK’s number 1 health and fitness podcast - Ben Coomber Radio. He is the brains behind the Body Type Nutrition Academy and has even started his own supplement range, Awesome Supplements... all things you NEED to check out!

Here's what we cover in today's episode:

1. 6 Quick fire questions! Including best book, favourite podcast, biggest vice and more!

2. His personal fitness journey from obesity to where he is now.

3. The importance of integrity in the health and fitness industry.

4.  Opening up, being vulnerable and the hardest year of his life.

5. Daily routines and practises

6. Awesome supplements

7. THE BIG QUESTION! Who did he snog, marry and avoid???



Ep.40 - Is your routine holding you back??

April 6, 2018
Episode 40 - The 3 Dumbbells is now live!!!
Is your routine holding you back???
In our 40th episode, we flip a hot topic of discussion on its head and look at someone’s routine from a totally different angle
We are huge advocates of building a decent routine and developing daily habits that will benefit your lives... however, are those habits and rituals holding you back and making you miss out on social situations that may otherwise keep you sane???
We discuss all this and more in our Ruby anniversary (40 episodes not 40 years) of the podcast... imagine listening to us for 40 years..? 😴😴😴
We also answer some of your fantastic questions that some of you have so kindly sent in.

Ep 39 - From Drug Kingpin to PT Entrepreneur with Coss Marte live from New York City

March 29, 2018

Episode 39 - The 3 Dumbbells is now live!!!

This weeks episode comes live from Con Body, New York, a personal training studio with a twist. The owner, Coss Marte speaks about his past life behind bars and how he got to where he is today.

Coss’ natural entrepreneurship showed from the young age of 13 when he started selling drugs on his street corner - by the time he was 19 he had had a whole team of dealers working for him and was personally earning himself $2mil per year! This labelled him a ‘drug kingpin’ by the age of 23 before he got arrested and put in prison.

Once locked up, he not only changed his life around by drastically improving his health and fitness, but he conceived an entirely new and original way of getting fit. Although his drug dealing days are well and truly in the past he has now used his business acumen to create something positive and inspiring - ConBody.

If there’s one episode I’d advise you to listen to it’s this one...

Enjoy and spread the word!

ConBody Book:

Ted Talk:



Ep. 38 - What We Really Think?

March 23, 2018
Episode 38 - The 3 Dumbbells is now live!!!
I am currently sat on a flight heading over to New York, with a distinct lack of leg room, having stomached a dodgy airline breaky and on a solid 2 hours of sleep. Anyway enough winging, its time to write a fuck*ng funny blurb that will make you want to download this episode.
We respond to an angry email, express our opinions on becoming vegan, Mat explains why he was coated in baby oil and we chat about calorie burn during a workout...
Why wouldn’t you tune in and have a listen?!?!

Ep. 37 - OB_S_ _TY - Awareness or Fat-Shaming?

March 16, 2018

Episode 37 - The 3 Dumbbells is now live!!!

OBESITY is the biggest preventable cause of cancer after smoking. 

Want to hear our views on this hugely controversial, eye brow raising, factual, “fat shaming” campaign that’s been all over the news the past couple of weeks... then tune into our latest episode, it’s a belter!

Referenced articles:





Ep. 36 - Launching an app, productivity tips and getting comfortable with failure with Mr. Nutrifix aka Joel Burgess!

March 9, 2018

Episode 36 - The 3 Dumbbells is now live!!! 

We are back with a bang. Having had an amazing time away on the slopes in Val D’Isere last week, the batteries have been recharged, the creative juices are flowing and we have hit the ground running this week. 

Mr Nutrifix is on the show! Joel Burgess, the king of the assault bike, a man mountain and an absolute gent joins us for this weeks episode. 

Joel has just launched his app, Nutrifix. A very simple, easy to navigate, highly informative and ingenious app, that allows you to locate restaurants/food places that conform to your lifestyle/needs/wants/requirements at the touch of a button. 

Want to learn more..? Download the app now! Trust me, it will make eating out a lot easier. 


Joel explains his struggles and failures along the way that have undoubtedly helped him become a better and more rounded individual. All the best businessmen don’t just succeed first off, they fail along the way, learn from their mistakes and become stronger in the process. 

This is a MUST LISTEN!!!