Ep 21 - What’s insta and what’s reality with Chessie King

November 17, 2017
Episode 21 - The 3 Dumbbells is now live!!!
In this hugely informative and very real episode we are graced with the company of our 5th guest, Miss Chessie King.
Chessie has recently been known for her real vs. fake Instagram posts and being incredibly relatable with a lot of her followers. Her sheer honesty and care free nature has set her out from the crowd in all the right ways.
We discuss her journey in the health and fitness industry, how it all began, the pros and cons of Instagram, where she sees herself in a year or two and the ultimate question... who will she snog, marry and avoid?!?!
All this and more in this belter of an episode.

Ep. 20 - Being healthy is too expensive?? The 3 DumbBells call Bu*lshit!!

November 10, 2017

Episode 20 - The 3 Dumbbells is now live!!!

How often have you heard people say...

“Ahh I can’t afford to eat healthy”
“Nahhh I cant afford a gym membership”
“It’s so much easier to eat ready meals”
“I don’t have the time to cook”

What do all the above statements have in common??? They are all negative statements. “I don’t” “I can’t” “so much easier to...”

We live in a day and age whereby almost everything can be done at the touch of a button. It has created a very lazy society full of excuses. “Can’t do this, can’t do that...” Why don’t we focus on what we CAN do and think about our priorities in life.

All this and more in this belter of an episode. Episode 20! Already out of the teens and into the 20’s. Brace yourself for some awesome guests in the run up to Christmas.

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Ep 19 - Training the most important muscle in your body…YOUR MIND!

November 3, 2017
Episode 19 - The 3 Dumbbells is now live!!!
Hope you all had a spooky Halloween and overcame some of your fears 🎃👻😱👍🏼
This week is all about Mental Strength and resilience
All three of us Dumbbells have been through some tough times and have had to dig deep, find that inner strength and overcome the hurdles that are in our way...
Mat has had to endure being ginger and having the skin tone of a ghost that’s feeling faint...
Seb has had to put up with having a honker that competes with that of an elephant who’s told quite a few lies...
And Fred has succumbed to quite frankly horrific bullying from his peers about having the worlds smallest calfs. I’d call them more ‘cow embryos’ than calfs...
We have all been through mental pain, BUT it is how you overcome these situations that makes you into who you are today.
We discuss all this and more in this stonker of an episode.
If you are someone who lacks motivation, lacks drive, lacks the ability to just say “fuck it, I’m gunna do it” then this is an episode for you!

Ep. 18 - FEAR!

October 27, 2017
Episode 18 - The 3 Dumbbells is now live!!!
With Halloween just around the corner we thought it would be appropriate and 'on trend' if we spoke about our fears and what we are afraid of in the health and fitness industry.
▪Does Seb actually have a fear of running?
▪ is Mat afraid of sleeping in the dark?
▪Does Fred actually have ghost calfs?
It is so important in this day and age to stand tall, believe in what you do and who you are and not be afraid to act in a certain way out of fear of being judged. We all have our own worries and doubts in life, but the more you confront them and actually 'go for it', the less you will be fearful of. I love the 'Fuck it' principle when it comes to these things. We are all human, we all make mistakes, but don't ever go into something thinking you're not good enough. Go out there, do what you have to do and have no regrets.
All this and more in this thriller of an episode.
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Ep. 17 - The Good, The Bad & The 3 DumbBells

October 20, 2017

Paleo, Keto, Intermittent Fasting (IF), IIFYM - all different but viable diets that have both scientific and anecdotal evidence backing them up right?? Join us this week as we are back with just us 3 Bells to discuss the pros, cons, differences and similarities between all these diets as well as relating them to our personal experiences.

You see all types of people preaching these different diets and the great results they've got from it, but here's the main question - WILL IT WORK FOR YOU?

DEMONIZATION! (not sure if that's actually a word)

How often have you heard "I'm cutting out dairy/gluten/sugar"? Why are some foods and even food groups painted as the devil and why do people feel the need to comoletely omit these from their diet?

All of this covered and more on this absolute humdinger of an episode!



Ep. 16 - Prof. Tim Spector author of ‘The Diet Myth’

October 13, 2017

He has Professor, Author and Doctor titles to his name - The 3 DumbBells are delighted to have Prof. Tim Spector on the show this week! Tim is well known for his most recent book ' The Diet Myth' which is a must read for anyone wanting to improve their knowledge in the field of nutrition and gut health.

In this episode we cover:

- 6 quick fire questions!

- Tim's background and how he got to where he is today

- Microbes! What are they and why are they so important??

- Gut Health

- Debunking Myths and Top Tips!

With Tim's credentials you cannot question his wealth of knowledge in this particular area - be prepared for knowledge bombs left, right and centre!


Ep. 15 - 3DB’s Greatest Hits!!

October 6, 2017
The 3 Dumbbells - episode 15 is now live!
Now due to @mathewlcarter being away this week on a "fitness retreat", we have compiled all the best bits of the past 14 weeks, including highlights of the amazing episodes with @rhitrition @thefoodmedic and @alexcrockford , as well as reliving the time we put on @chessiekingg swimsuits when talking about training pre, during and post holidays.
All our high quality content has been crammed into this epic episode (epicsode) so if you have missed out on any of the past episodes (which you obviously haven't because you're all avid listeners) here are all the best bits.
DISCLAIMER: This episode may contain some awful/really good voice overs and singing by Fred and Seb #xfactor2018

Ep. 14- “Why Do You Train???”

September 29, 2017

Is there more to training than just rock hard abs and looking good with your kit off? 

In episode 14 your 3 favourite bells tackle the big question "Why Do You Train?" what are the real reasons for slugging your guts out at the gym, on the spin bike or at your favourite double HIIT donkey kicking fat metcon (you get the point) class.....

In this episode we discuss why we train, what motivates the 3 dumbbells, what their WHY is.

  • To look good naked
  • Health
  • Stress busting
  • Community
  • Being part of the cool kid gang and wearing your overpriced leggings or trainers so people know you're the real deal!

On top of that this episode comes with the usual laughs and jokes that you are now fully accustomed to with your 3 favourite bells.


Ep. 13 - Alex Crockford aka Mr. Burpee aka #Crockfit

September 22, 2017

This week we were extremely lucky to have Mr. Burpee himself - Alex Crockford on the show!

Alex has led an extremely successful career, both as a PT and as a fitness model, so for all you listeners wanting a similar career path this is one for you!

On top of all this he recently decided to take on the burpee world record which lasted a whole 24hours!

Here’s a breakdown of what’s covered:

🔹6 Random quick fire questions!

🔹His journey from his first steps into the fitness industry to where he is now.


🔹How he’s built his PT & Online Business - #Crockfit

🔹His thoughts on the fitness industry.

🔹Social Media and how to build an audience.

🔹Crockfit’s top tips if you’re starting your career in the fitness industry.

It was an absolute pleasure having this guy on, it felt like us 3 Bells could’ve chatted to him for hours!


Ep. 12 - “Transformation” Tuesday!

September 15, 2017


Episode 12 of The 3 DumbBells brings you our take on the classic ‘Transformation Tuesday’ which is often seen posted throughout social media.

Here’s a little breakdown of what’s covered:

🔹What’s the first thing you think of when we say Transformation?

🔹The most important transformation according to The 3 DumbBells

🔹Good habits and weekend blow-outs

🔹Challenge for the listeners!

🔹BONUS FEATURE: An array of awful accents.

Tune in to have a laugh and a giggle (You may even learn something too!)