The 3 DumbBells

Ep. 61- How to master your career with Mike Fantigrassi

October 18, 2018

Episode 61 - With Mike Fantigrassi 

We are exceptionally lucky to have The Director of Services and Master Instructor at NASM on our podcast today, Mr Mike Fantigrassi.

Mike has worked as a fitness manager, nutrition coach, personal trainer, master trainer and a metabolic technician so to say ‘he knows his stuff’ is the understatement of the century!

Firstly, a massive thank you to Mike for recording this podcast at 6am US time. I know what I’m like at 6am in the morning and I wouldn’t want 3 dodgy blokes from London Skype calling me asking be questions left right and rhubarb!!

We discuss:

- Mike’s backstory and how he entered into the fitness industry.
- How he feels the industry has changed since he first started and whether he feels it is changing for the better.
- His top tips for anyone entering into the fitness industry.
- How to generate business and market yourself.
- The importance of continued learning.

It’s a hugely informative episode and if anyone is looking to become a PT, is currently qualifying or has just qualified, this one is for you!!!