The 3 DumbBells

Ep. 63 - Cutting Out the Nutrition BS with Scott Baptie

November 23, 2018

Episode 63 - The 3 Dumbbells is now live!!!

It’s worked!!!!! We managed to schedule another recording with the awesome Scott Baptie and pick his brains on all things training and nutrition.

Scott is a sports nutritionist, fat loss coach, author and fellow podcast host of The Food for Fitness podcast.

In this epic episode we discuss:

- His background and why he decided to go down the nutrition route.
- How he feels the industry has changed since he started 6-7 years ago.
- Fad diets and short term fixes.
- ‘Good vs Bad’ food.
- Online training and how he has built a business from going online.
- Method vs principle
- His take on supplements and whether he feels any are necessary to the average joe on the street.

All this and more in this belter of an episode. If you’re someone who’s struggling to drop body fat, feel like you’re plateauing with your goals, focusing too much on the finer details rather than addressing the bigger underlying issues etc. Then this is for you. Spread the word!