Ep. 10-Hazel Wallace “The Food Medic”

August 31, 2017

Episode 10 brings our second guest "Hazel Wallace" onto The 3 Dumbbells Podcast and boy is this one a belter.  Qualified doctor, published author and now a writer for Women's Health (the list goes on) these are just a few credentials Hazel has to her impressive CV.

Hazel's honest approach to the fitness industry is a breath of fresh air, "no nonsense" and straight to the point.  So what do we cover with our impressive guest.....


-Our quick fire question round to break the ice and make sure our guest is on her toes 

-Finding time! this is the biggest excuse we hear from all our clients, how can someone who has accomplished so much find enough time in the day?

-The struggles Hazel has faced in a turbulent industry 

-A doctor's approach to supplements 

And one huge question at the end, this one is a cracker hit play now! 


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