Ep. 11 - The truth about SUPPLEMENTS!

September 8, 2017

The 3 Dumbbells - episode 11 is now live!!!

In this cracker of an episode (even though I say so myself) we discuss all things SUPPLEMENTS!

The health and fitness industry is flooded with supplement companies wanting you to try their newest 'quick fix' or their new blend of 'this will make you ripped' powder.

🔹Do you really need supplements?

🔹What's the best supplement for you?

🔹Do supplements really do what they tell you?

🔹Want to know what us 3 Dumbbells currently take?

Tune in to find out!!!

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Ep. 10-Hazel Wallace “The Food Medic”

August 31, 2017

Episode 10 brings our second guest "Hazel Wallace" onto The 3 Dumbbells Podcast and boy is this one a belter.  Qualified doctor, published author and now a writer for Women's Health (the list goes on) these are just a few credentials Hazel has to her impressive CV.

Hazel's honest approach to the fitness industry is a breath of fresh air, "no nonsense" and straight to the point.  So what do we cover with our impressive guest.....


-Our quick fire question round to break the ice and make sure our guest is on her toes 

-Finding time! this is the biggest excuse we hear from all our clients, how can someone who has accomplished so much find enough time in the day?

-The struggles Hazel has faced in a turbulent industry 

-A doctor's approach to supplements 

And one huge question at the end, this one is a cracker hit play now! 


Ep. 9 - We’re all going on a summer holiday

August 25, 2017

Are you someone who hits the PANIC button when booking a holiday?  

"Oh God, I've only got 2 months until I leave, I need to train 5 times a day and only eat dust for me to achieve a physique I feel happy with!"

Whether you're somone who jet sets frequently or only goes on holiday once in a blue moon, your training and nutrition shouldn't suddenly be altered. Small, sustainable and realistic changes over time will lead to longer lasting results which are maintainable and will free you up from the 'dust diet'... Trust me, I've tried it, it wasn't fun!   

In this episode we discuss the build up to the holiday, the holiday itself and the holiday blues you may experience when settling into your daily routine when back home. 


Ep. 8 - “I’ve lost my mojo!”

August 18, 2017


Awesome when it's there and hard work when it's not. Just like the famous Austin Powers we all have moments when we completely lose our mojo and training seems like more of a chore than anything else - the key thing to remember is that this isn't uncommon!

First we look at WHY? Why are you struggling to motivate yourself?

Kicking off with the basics (food, sleep, hydration) and then moving onto deeper and often overlooked aspects such as relationships, lifestyle, workplace and environment.

Once the WHY is addressed we move onto the HOW? How can you get yourself from feeling like 'fat bastard' (reference to the Austin Powers character, not just our potty mouths!) back into the swinging Austin you once were.



Ep. 7 - Q&A

August 11, 2017

We've been blown away with so many questions since we started this podcast that this week, instead of talking about one topic, we decided to cover a range of different topics and questions that you guys had sent us through our instagram @the3dumbbells.

As we recorded this last Saturday afternoon we decided to crack open a few beers and take an extremely laid back approach which was good fun! We tried to answer as many questions as we could within the 30min time frame so apologies if we missed yours! We'll definitely be doing this again at some point so keep firing them in!

Enjoy guys!


Ep. 6 - Body Confidence

August 4, 2017

In this thrilling episode we talk all things body confidence and how we should play with the cards we've been dealt. 

Your life shouldn't just evolve around how you look, it should be focused on how you feel, think and act too.
We are surrounded by images that imply "this is how you should look". Screw that! Be the best version of you and do what you want to make you happy!
During this episode we share our own experiences of getting as lean and aesthetic as possible and how it affected us, we also delve into the more pyschological aspects of self-consciousness and body image. As well as touching on associated eating and anxiety disorders in both men and women.

Ep. 5 -Rhiannon Lambert- Rhitrition- registered nutritionist

July 28, 2017

The 3 DumbBells are so excited to have our very first guest on the show! Rhiannon Lambert (@rhitrition) registered nutritionist is an absolute expert in her field - join us for a slightly extended episode where we cover the following topics:

- 6 random quick fire questions

- Her background and how she got into the industry

- The screening process of a nutritionist / how it differs from a PT

- Quick meals and eating on the go / top recommendations

- Camera confidence and social media

- One VERY awkward sign off question of course!


To find out more about Rhi click here! http://rhitrition.com

You can also Pre-order her book Re-Nourish here :)



Ep. 4: Like-Minded People & Being Average in the Right 5!

July 19, 2017

"You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with" - Jim Rohn 

In this episode we talk about the benefits of having around like-minded people as well as the negatives of what doing the opposite can have on your potential.

We delve more into how us 3 Bells came together to create this podcast, pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, fear of failure and why it's always better to be an average player in the A team than the captain of the B team!


Ep. 3: Gym or Social Life? Can you have it all???

July 19, 2017

Can you have your cake and it eat too??

Birthdays, weddings, nights out - all fairly frequent in our social calendars right?

There seems to be a real stigma around the fitness industry about going out, having a few drinks and enjoying ourselves. What us 3 Bells have noticed is that with the people we train and hang around with regularly are actually pretty socialable too!

We shouldn't be made to feel guilty about these things but more find a healthy way to incorporate this into our lifestyle and find a right BALANCE!



Ep. 2 - Boys vs Girls Training

July 19, 2017

Should boys and girls train the same??

High reps for toning, big weights make you bulky, cardio for fat loss - all things we regularly hear as PTs which make us die a little bit inside each time!

This topic can overlap into so many areas, so it was hard to squeeze it all in in 30mins, but areas we touched on are programming, social media influence and the intimidation factor!